How long is long enough for my hair to get waxed?

We say, let the hair grow to about ¼ inch. Sugar can sometimes get hair that as a s short  as 1/8 of an inch, but ¼ of an inch is best.

Do I need to prepare for my wax?

No, our Velvet Girls will take care of everything, Just arrive on Time!

How old do you have to be to get waxed?

Intimate Services are for men and women 14 and above. Younger customers requiring service must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I wax during that time of the month?

Yes! Just wear a tampon and take a single dosage of ibuprofen before your appointment. Some women tend to be more sensitive during menstruation.

What’s the difference between a bikini line, full bikini and Brazilian?

Bikini line is a basic tidy; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top. If you’re wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from “peeking out”.

Bikini (full) is the next step and allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like off the front. If you want to leave a small “landing strip”, triangle or nothing at all, it’s up to you!

Bikini Brazilian goes from the front, all the way to the back with an added butt strip. This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle on the front.

What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon and water. Our freehand method is safe and hygienic for all skin types as the sugar paste is never re-used and we will only ever put a clean implement into the jar of paste.
Your technician will apply the sugar paste by hand against your hair growth so that when the hair is removed in a flicking motion it’s pulled out by the follicle in the direction of hair growth. This drastically reduces the occurrence of hair breakage, painful ingrown hairs, and also allows us to remove smaller, harder to grab hairs.

What do I need to do before and after Sugaring?

Sugar paste is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Since the sugar never adheres to live skin cells, only the dead cells will be removed acting as a gentle exfoliation, which is why we ask that you not exfoliate your skin the day before your service. You should also avoid using any creams or lotions on the day of your appointment.

Between sugaring appointments it’s important to keep the sugared areas exfoliated and moisturized, although exfoliation should not be done until 24 hours after sugaring. Ask your technician what exfoliation and moisturizing system would be best for you.

Things to avoid after your appointment:

  • Perfumes
  • Scented creams/lotions
  • Deodorant if you had your underarms sugared
  • Heat, such as baths/steam rooms
  • Direct sunlight or tanning beds
  • Let this be your excuse to skip going to the gym!

My skin was bumpy and itchy after my appointment, is this normal?

Slight irritation is completely normal and should disappear within 24 hours. If you experience hives you can try taking an antihistamine. You can also apply a cold compress to the irritated area or use a soothing cream to alleviate the redness.