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How Does Sugaring Work for Women over Age Fifty?

Sugaring is a great service for men and women of all ages. Women over 50, especially however, have even more complaints about their changing skin and differences in the texture and graying of their hair. Sugaring, which uses sugar lemon juice and water to remove hair in the direction of hair growth, is a great way to help solve this problem. When the hair is removed on a consistent basis, customers can expect to go 3-5 weeks with a smooth feminine region. After that time period, ladies can expect to have more fine hair and a lesser amount than the typical course of hair growth. In short, the answer is yes! Sugaring is strong, yet gentle enough to remove all hair types, including coarse, gray hair.

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When Should I Come to Get a Brazilian?

Lots of clients always ask. When should I come to get a brazilian? For best maintenance, Brazilian waxing or sugaring services should occur on a regular basis every 3-5 weeks. As time goes on, you may be able to minimize the frequency of visits to 4-6 weeks or even longer depending on how quickly your hair grows. Never shave in-between services and if you must, be sure to exfoliate daily with a sugar body scrub, use ingrown hair serum as needed and never share or re-use blades. This process will minimize the likelihood of new ingrowns and skin irritation caused by bacteria and skin cuts and scrapes. For best results, schedule with VELVET!

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