VELVET Wax & Beauty is a Unisex Full Body Waxing & Sugaring Studio with locations in Hampton, VA. VELVET specializes in natural methods including intimate hair removal through waxing and sugaring and skincare.

Sugaring is the Ancient form of hair removal which uses sugar, lemon juice and water to remove hair in the direction of hair growth.

VELVET is dedicated to giving each customer an extremely comfortable, professional and courteous service, leaving them with healthier looking, velvety-smooth skin.

Do you want “Skin So smooth, You’d Think It’s VELVET? Call 757-550-1929  or visit us on Instagram @VelvetWaxandBeauty and give VELVET Wax and Beauty a Try. You Won’t Regret It.

How it Got Started

Owned by Licensed Cosmetologist and former Essence Magazine beauty contributor Montie Green, VELVET has served thousands of women in the Hampton Roads and Washington Metropolitan areas. Montie leads the education and strategic efforts of VELVET nationwide.

VELVET is built out of love of self, love of the customer and love of the beautifying process. The company is named after the owner’s late mother’s Motorcyle Bike name, ” Red Velvet. For More Information or to connect with VELVET socially visit us on or